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LG & The Best 'Prankvertisement' Ever

Tech juggernauts LG have been putting their latest HD televisions to the test with a series of prank interviews designed to scare potential job interviewees into thinking a meteor is heading for their city. The results are nothing short of hilarious.

LG Prankvertisement (© YouTube)

Some may consider it cruel, others a hilarious prank. Either way, tech giants LG are flexing both their hardware and marketing muscles with a specially designed prank advertisement, or 'prankvertisement', involving their new range of HD televisions.

In this particular prankvertisement, a vacant job post at LG was advertised by the company and applicants invited to sit an interview. On arrival, the unsuspecting applicants were greeted by a seemingly professional and legitimate interviewer, with a beautiful backdrop of the city behind him.

Little did they know, it was all part of an elaborate ruse in LG's latest marketing foray. The 'window' was actually LG's 84" HD television screen. Halfway through the interview, what appears to be a meteor appears in the 'window's' top left corner and hurtles towards 'the city'.

Aided by sounds and other physical equipment, the 'office' begins to shake. The meteor is seen 'hitting' the city, before finally the lights go out, leaving the poor individuals in pitch darkness and fearing for their lives.

LG Prankvertisement (© YouTube)

LG Prankvertisement (© YouTube)

The video was subsequently posted online and quickly went viral, in what has proved a clever marketing ploy by LG. This forms part of a series of 'prankvertisements' by the company, having earlier conducted a prank advert involving a 'glass-floored' elevator.

That particularly elevator prank though received a backlash after it was later revealed to be staged.

Time will tell if LG have one-upped themselves this time by going all out in this their latest addition to prank advertising.

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Relief (© YouTube)

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